Smartplay shock pads

Uses of Smartplay Shock Pads

  • Parks and recreation grounds
  • Areas with play equipment higher than 2m
  • Children’s play areas
  • Areas prone to becoming wet/muddy and undulated as a result
  • High use play areas where the grass is being eroded

Key Benefits of Smartplay Shock Pads

  • Innovative system with a European patent (Patent Number 2794257)
  • Adheres to British Standards BS EN 1177 (2018)
  • Stops grass mats from sinking into the ground
  • Increases Critical Fall Height coverage
  • Replacement of any damaged grass mats is considerably easier when installed with the SmartPlay system
  • Offers a very low maintenance surface where all you have to do is cut the grass
  • Offers ground stability and prevents undulations
  • Enhances grass growth in high use areas
  • Can be installed directly onto a grass base to reduce groundworks costs is required
  • Installed alongside either our EcoSmart (environmentally friendly) or FireSmart (fire retardant) grass matting